Remote Work & Virtual Teams

Working Effectively from Home

Working from home can be extremely productive once you learn to manage distractions, resist the pull of the refrigerator and put procrastination into the rear view mirror. This short on-demand lesson illustrates ten habits to practice to help you focus in your home "office", wherever that may be.

Managing Remote Teams

This course shows managers how to confront and conquer biases towards dispersed teams, create the mindset of a distanced leader, and set remote teams up for success. Motivelopment will develop people manager skills to allow them to successfully lead from a distance, set clear expectations, avoid micromanaging, establish and build trust, measure productivity and results, and hold people accountable for outcomes.

Virtual Presentation Skills

Presenting a proposal or leading a group discussion virtually has challenges that differ from in-person presentations. Learn tips and tactics to make sure your authority and confidence is projected clearly on your next Zoom meeting. This brief course will provide advice on positioning your camera, vocal inflections and other tricks to make you look more professional virtually.

Delivering Feedback Remotely

More managers than ever are leading teams remotely or virtually. If it's become difficult to speak in person with your team, how can you possibly have a difficult conversation remotely? This course shows you how to deliver feedback and discuss performance issues remotely. Learn how to use tone and body language to convey emotions, and practice watching and listening for subtle clues that indicate the receptiveness of the recipient. Use strategies to discuss issues and agree to next steps, and set up a plan for accountability and follow through.