Effective Teaming

Think About Teams HBDI® Workshop

By sharing profiles, participants learn the value of a diverse team. Get the best results from each team member through whole-brain® activities. By the end of this session, participants will understand how to maximize their own strengths and value team members’ contributions. Participants must attend the “Start Thinking Workshop” as a prerequisite.

Building Dream Teams

Building Dream Teams allows teams to understand the scientific, data-driven factors influencing team dynamics and relationships. This workshop strengthens leadership capability, improves communication, creates robust relationships and bolsters a culture of commitment and accountability. Team members take assessments as pre-work, and the leader works with the facilitator to identify key initiatives for the team. During the workshop, the team learns how to better interact with one another to achieve these goals collaboratively and with respect to one another.

Effective Teaming

This is the ultimate program to ensure teams are functioning optimally. Motivelopment begins by conducting a detailed assessment of each team member to gain an understanding of the team's current state of effectiveness. Using the results from the assessment, the workshop is tailored to improve output and work satisfaction. Issues blocking a group's effectiveness may not be apparent; however, issues remaining undisclosed can drain a group's energy and undermine its productive efforts. Motivelopment's Effective Teaming Program helps groups identify and resolve underlying issues. Teams are then able to trust one another, encourage healthy conflict, set a vision and goals and align to a common purpose, holding one another accountable for optimal results.