Leadership Programs

Intern/Graduate Programs

Motivelopment works with you to custom design, plan and execute programs to fully engage and assimilate interns and graduates into your organization. Increase retention as we embed the new intern or graduate into your culture, giving them a resource for support as they learn how to operate as part of the team. Our programs excite early careerists about opportunities to grow and develop with your company, and provide all of the fundamentals they need to succeed in their first years with you.

Emerging & Aspiring Leader Programs

Continue to engage early careerists as you position them for growth in your organization. Motivelopment works with you to plan, design and execute custom talent development programs aimed at preparing those early in a career for the next opportunities. We help define, then train and enhance the skills, behaviors and capabilities required to assume greater responsibilities. Participants leave the program well-positioned for the next steps and motivated for a long-term career with you.

New Manager Program

People are often promoted to managers because of the work that they have mastered, yet most managers do not receive proper education on how to manage, lead and develop a team. Having an unskilled people manager is the primary reason people will leave an organization. A minimal investment in developing new managers will position your organization to attract, retain and develop top talent, while increasing employee engagement and driving results.

Motivelopment prepares new people leaders for the role through a New Manager Program, which covers such skills as:

  • Interview skills

  • Compliance

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Adapting Your Leadership Style

  • Nurturing Productivity

  • Communicating with Clarity

Manager Development Program

Motivelopment offers management development programs customized to your business needs. Our programs give your people the skills they need to lead others more effectively. The Manager Development Program includes skill building sessions around:

  • Personal Brand

  • Goal Setting

  • Providing Feedback

  • Delegation

  • Coaching

  • Clarity in Communication

  • Performance Management

Leadership Development Program

Continue to grow the skills of your people managers, preparing them for more senior leadership through our Leadership Development Program. Participants learn to move from leading small teams to leading groups or teams of teams. Ideal for the high-potential manager, preparing for a senior level role.

  • Communicating Strategic Direction

  • Negotiation & Influence

  • Delegation & Accountability

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Talent Development

  • Presentation Skills

  • Innovative Problem-Solving

Executive Leadership Program

Motivelopment works with senior leaders and executives in custom designed Executive Leadership Programs to enhance the capabilities required of a top executive. In this program, participants increase business and financial acumen and explore how to become a more agile leader. We expose leaders to all areas of the organization to give a full understanding of the holistic business operation, and how each part works together to succeed. We explore and identify areas for improvement and work through developing solutions to prepare for the future of the business. Leaders build habits of watching and understanding the market and identifying opportunities to meet client needs well ahead of the competition. Participants gain a better understanding of change leadership and positioning the organization for growth with a competitive advantage.