Think About Problem-Solving HBDI® Workshop

Participants learn how thinking preferences impact problem solving. Learn to appreciate how cognitive diversity contributes to the problem-solving process. By the end of this course, participants will be able to leverage HBDI and whole-brain thinking to achieve better problem solving skills. Participants must attend the “Start Thinking Workshop” as a prerequisite.

Think About Innovation HBDI® Workshop

Uncover your creative potential by leveraging HBDI and your diverse thinking preferences. This group workshop highlights tools and techniques to enhance creative output and innovative ideas. By the end of this course, participants will use their thinking preferences to generate and gain buy-in for new ideas. Participants must attend the “Start Thinking Workshop” as a prerequisite.

Ideation Sessions

Motivelopment is skilled in innovating idea generation tools, and will work with teams to generate ideas to improve systems, processes, safety or even new products or marketing. We outline ideation processes, break barriers that prevent free flow ideas and capitalize on the diversity of the group to produce ideas that work. After one session with Motivelopment, participants will be able to break neural pathways preventing new idea generation and stretch into thinking differently for game-changing new ideas.


Have a challenge or problem to solve and want to find a new and exciting solution? Host a Hack-a-Thon with Motivelopment! We explain tools and techniques for breaking neural pathways to come up with completely new solutions that drive innovative thinking and position your organization to disrupt the norm. Talk to Motivelopment today to set up your Hack-a-Thon!

Creative Problem Solving

Having strong problem-solving skills can be a benefit in the workplace. Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day. The ability to creatively problem solve makes employees perceive problems as opportunities to harness and challenges to conquer. Creative problem solving allows ideas to flow freely with a reason behind the process. Participants learn to identify characteristics of an effective problem solver and challenge go-to problem solving habits. Motivelopment inspires participants to be more creative, providing tools and diagrams to develop creative problem-solving methods. As a result, participants overcome traditional thinking patterns, have more confidence, and are able to assess the impact of possible solutions.