People Consulting Services

People Strategy

Motivelopment creates people strategies that drive business results. Let us facilitate discussions to clarify and align your strategic initiatives with a plan for talent optimization. Evaluate where your existing talent supports your strategy and then identify and address gaps. Together we put a plan in place for a stronger, more effective team.

We'll help you map behavioral and cognitive targets to build candidate profiles and use scientific methods to find the right candidates for the right role. Through assessments, we determine the strengths of the existing team and recommend ways to make your team more cognitively and behaviorally diverse. We support the interview processes with custom behavioral question kits to drive the discussion and identify the best fit for the role.

Talent Optimization: Hiring & Inspiring Dream Teams

As a business leader, you want to make sure you put your talent into the optimal position to produce desired business results and beat the competition. The essence of leadership is aligning employees with business strategy. This begins with taking an intentional, data-driven approach to getting the people part right.

Motivelopment is a certified Predictive Index® partner. We offer a full range of services, solutions, and training to help you assemble and maintain a world-class team, using talent optimization. Talent optimization utilizes quantitative data and analytics to determine job requirements, identify the best candidates, understand the team dynamics needed to accomplish business goals, and manage employees in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game.

Onboarding & Induction

When the excitement promised during the interview dissolves upon joining the team ,people will leave. It's imperative to live up to the culture and image promoted during recruitment to keep engagement. Start with making the onboarding and induction phases exciting and promising. This vital step illustrates opportunities to grow, develop and thrive, increasing employee satisfaction.

Motivelopment provides pre-employment assessments, onboarding and induction experiences that engage and excite. We clarify and define objectives, identifying the skills, behaviors and experience needed to match the organization’s vision and culture. We provide pre-employment assessments, interview questions and candidate reviews so you hire the best people for the culture you envision.

Motivelopment tells your organization’s story, paints a compelling vision, and sets expectations for your unique company culture through eLearning and/or in-person training modules. We clarify role and performance expectations, policies and procedures, and oversee or facilitate training.

Onboarding Services

  • Vision setting and cultural alignment

  • Employee value proposition

  • Role definition/job descriptions

  • Background & credential check

  • Predictive behavior assessments

  • New hire paperwork

  • eLearning onboarding module content development

  • Welcome letter/video message

Induction Services

  • Compliance and safety training

  • Diversity awareness & company culture

  • Role and performance expectations

  • Policies & procedures

  • Set up checklists (materials, supplies, etc.)

  • Orientation & introductions

  • Team assimilation

  • Development planning and goal setting

  • Follow-ups and feedback