Communication & Feedback

Think About Communication HBDI® Workshop

This course focuses on communication preferences and leveraging HBDI® preferred thinking styles. Break free of communication barriers and misunderstandings through whole-brain® activities. By the end of this course, participants will be able to adjust communication styles to better meet the reception of their audiences. Participants must attend the “Start Thinking Workshop” as a prerequisite.

Communicate with Clarity & Authority

For the better part of every day, we are communicating to and with others. This course shows participants different methods of communication and guides them on how to make the most of each. Learn to use verbal and visual tools to project authority and become a clear and effective communicator. Avoid misunderstandings and position yourself to get action and results.

Meaningful & Effective Feedback

The primary focus areas of the Meaningful & Effective Feedback session is on improving an individual’s ability to fully listen and comprehend others' perceptions, to clearly convey expectations and performance feedback, and to effectively lead and develop others.

This course introduces a four-step approach that focuses on setting clear expectations for individual performance based on organizational goals as well as meeting regularly with employees to provide feedback and customized training. Participants learn how to best share performance observations, discuss development strategies, and gain commitment on actionable ways to improve to help employees achieve their peak performance potential.

Building Your Presence

Learn to communicate with a leadership presence through practice and one-on-one coaching. Participants learn to use inflection, body language, posture and movements to build a presence of authority or influence with any audience. Equally appropriate for sales and marketing people as it is for leaders or executives. Learn to use your posture, movements, gestures and voice to persuade and gain agreement or project authority and trust.