Business Skill Workshops

Wealthvox™ Finance & Accounting Training Solutions

Motivelopment is a WealthvoxTM accredited partner, offering finance and accounting fundamental workshops, leadership training and employee financial wellness education.

Imagine what becomes possible when your teams have the acumen to make wise decisions around money and finance. Through concept-mapping education and exercises, we deliver financial education to your business or classroom with interactive, engaging workshops. Whether in-person or virtual, participants will leave with a profound understanding of accounting principles and increased financial literacy.

Finance & Accounting Fundamentals

· Accounting literacy using an innovative approach

· Ideal for non-finance professionals

· Positively impact business results

Financial Leadership

· Team members fully aligned with the financial mission of the organization

· Improve financial processes

· Better financial decisions and positive business impacts

Employee Financial Wellness

· Workplace appropriate personal financial education

· Improve employee engagement

· Reduce financial stress through financial consciousness

Think About Decision-Making HBDI® Workshop

Description: Thinking preferences contribute to the way decisions are made on the job. In this course, participants learn to be mindful of decision-making aspects that receive less attention. By the end of this course, participants will be able to utilize a whole-brain decision filter to plan for big decisions. Participants must attend the “Start Thinking Workshop” as a prerequisite.

Behavioral Interview Skills

Getting the right candidate into the role is key to building strong and effective teams. Making the time to identify the behavioral characteristics and motivations that are a strong cultural fit are just as important as understanding the experience and skills required for the job. This course helps hiring managers and interviewers to understand the science behind behavioral interviews. Participants will then be able to plan and craft appropriate behavioral interview questions, watch carefully for clues in candidates' responses, and make evidence-based decisions on who to hire.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is something we all do, nearly every day. It's not just high-stakes, months-long discussions. Negotiation helps resolve differences and build collaboration. It pays to improve your ability to handle these situations through honing skills such in conflict management and creative thinking, both of which are critical to reaching mutually beneficial decisions.

Participants in this workshop will learn to build and refine skills needed to negotiate to optimal outcomes. This course provides learners with a framework for effectively negotiating with others. Learn strategies for dealing with difficult situations, managing the negotiation process, and enhancing key relationships between stakeholders.

Influence Skills

You don't have to be a "person of influence" to be influential. This workshop will give an understanding of when and how to use influence in a business environment. Assess your influential style to gain awareness and confidence in adapting to any situation and demonstrate your circle of influence. Learn skills in assertive communication along with key principles of influence.

Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of how they can apply the principles of influence to their daily work to achieve effective win-win outcomes and improve emotional intelligence to build and maintain strong business relationships.

Creative Problem Solving Skills

Having strong problem-solving skills is a benefit in the workplace. Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day. The ability to creatively problem solve makes employees perceive problems as opportunities to harness and challenges to conquer. Creative problem solving allows ideas to flow freely with a reason behind the process.

Participants will learn the characteristics of an effective problem solver, challenging "go -to" problem solving habits. This workshop will inspire, providing tools to develop creative problem-solving methods. As a result, participants overcome traditional thinking patterns, have more confidence, and are able to assess the impact of possible solutions.

Business Writing Skills

This workshop is designed to take the frustration out of writing and add clarity to business communications. The program covers the fundamentals of clear, focused, and relevant business writing, and addresses some common problems across grammar, punctuation and capitalization. Learn techniques for focused written communications that are clear and actionable to the audience. Review grammar, syntax, punctuation and sentence structure mechanics to style your writing. Compose business documents that get results as you become a more proficient and professional communicator.

Public Speaking

Learn how to present yourself with authority, commanding the audience and providing clear calls to action. Build confidence in your presence and present yourself as a trusted authority to your audience.

Participants will learn about body language and speaking techniques and learn how to present confidently to any audience.

Presentation Skills

This course is a unique learning experience that helps participants grow confidence, command, and charisma around communication. The session includes feedback, individualized coaching and tips to help you communicate and influence others in your own style.

Crafting Memorable Presentations

Tired PowerPoint presentations won't gain the attention to engage your audience. Learn tips and techniques to create exciting and unique presentations that grab the audience and focus attention on what matters. Get to the point and make it stick with a clear call to action.

Delegation, Empowerment and Accountability

Delegation and empowerment with accountability are important leadership skills and the need for these is on the increase. Participants will learn to assess the situation and apply techniques to effectively recognize when it’s appropriate to delegate or empower. Leaders will get a clear understanding of the importance of accountability, and will learn how to set expectations and follow through. Learn to assess competence and commitment, apply the appropriate leadership style, and motivate to achieve results while modeling accountability.